1. Get into the habit of studying every day.
  2. Determine your learning style and study according to this style.  For example, know your best study time and study at that time every day.
  3. Find your own quiet place at home to study your lessons and do your assignments.
  4. Take short but frequent breaks as you study; like a five-minute break after twenty-five minutes of studying.
  5. Be sure to keep all the necessary materials for your study in your study place.  This will avoid breaking your momentum.
  6. Start doing the most difficult task or assignment, then move on to the easier ones afterwards.  This way, you can focus your maximum brain power on the hardest task.
  7. Plan on doing a fun activity as a reward for yourself when you are done with your studying.
  8. If you are not sure about something, solicit the help of a parent, sibling, or friend.
  9. Recall the main points and as many details as possible after each study session.