My Best Zipline Experience Ever

By: Cresencio B. Adlawan

          I survived my first zipline experience but I still have this fear for trying another one. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I just have this paranoia about safety. I do not have a fear of heights but I worry about my safety – period. What if things go wrong? What are the odds that I will still survive and enjoy the ride?

I think that human instinct encourages us to try dangerous things if we see that a lot of people are doing it. If they seem to enjoy and we hear positive things about their experienced then our fears and doubts melted. Same thing happened to me when I try to get the courage to try the newly opened Matacong Zipline in San Lorenzo Ruiz. I didn’t ride the first time because I have doubts about its safety. I was just finally convinced when I came back after almost a month because I saw the joy and excitement in the people’s faces after their ride.


Then I just found myself already signed my name in the waiver form. Then the zipline staff ask me what position I want. At first I answered the regular position which is the standing up. Then it hit me, why not try the superman? That way I can really experience how to fly. I changed my mind and opted for the superman instead.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I ask the staff to double check all my harness. After he double checked he let me go and glided my way through. I felt like my soul separated from my body in an astral projection thing like in Dr. Strange movie. That it tries to catch up with my physical body. My glide is not that fast during the first half so I really had time to enjoy the beautiful scene that I traversed. I passed through a thick coconut vegetation and a beautiful river. Then before I reached the other side I felt the fear for my safety. I fear that my harness will open and that I will drop dead before I even reached the end. Then I stopped a little bit short before the other side. The staff came to me and pulled me to the other end.


Then we had a short hike going up to the flat form of zipline going back. I told the staff that I am worried about the buckle of my harness. He told me not to worry because even if it gave way there is another one that can protect me. They assured me that all parts of the harness has double lock.

During my glide going back, it was faster than the first. This time I really enjoyed it because I fully trust the harness. I am confident that nothing will go wrong. I also screamed to release the joy and excitement that I felt during the ride. I never had that adrenaline rush in a long time. It really felt good as if all my tensions were released.


I learned that to enjoy the zipline ride we need to let go of our fear and be confident. At Matacong Zipline I was able to conquer that fear. Now I know from experience that trust is the opposite of fear. When we trust that things will be ok then we let go of fear. We appreciate and enjoy the experience. That is why my Matacong zipline is my best zipline ever.