Dubbed as “the most wonderful time of the year”, for many people around the world, Christmas is undeniably one of the best seasons in our calendar. It is the season where positivity can grow anywhere, from big presents up to simple family meals. Indeed, people tend to see the “silver lining” in all things (with reference to Catriona’s winning answer in the Miss Universe pageant).

The world is full of good news during this season. I have read several viral posts from the netizens that feature various acts of kindness during Christmas. In Cebu, we can see some policemen giving presents to drivers in the guise of apprehending them for a traffic violation. Meanwhile, in Albay, we can also find a jeepney driver offering 50% fare discount to his passengers as a way of saying thanks for Christmas. I also saw a post from a netizen sharing a photo of a taho vendor while delivering free taho to his loyal customers a day before Christmas. In Davao, the tough-talking President Rodrigo Duterte seems to have a soft side as he handed some Christmas gifts for child cancer patients. Aside from these, it is also important to note that the crime rate during Christmas day was very low compared to the normal days as stated by the Philippine National Police in their report. Life is good on earth, well, as of this moment.

The viral photo of a Jeepney driver in Albay offering 50% discount to his passengers as his way of saying thanks.

Cebu cops singing Christmas carols and giving presents to drivers during a checkpoint.

Yesterday during Christmas morning, I decided to go to my grandfather’s house to personally greet him. While on my way, I saw little children asking for their “pamasko” to every person they meet. They were very plenty enough to occupy all the sides of the streets. In the other corner, I saw people getting drunk while laughing, sharing a moment of joy with family members and friends. Then, a few blocks away, I saw many families going out of the church after they have celebrated the Christmas mass. That moment gave me goosebumps, everybody was happy, everybody was smiling. There is love, there is charity, there’s compassion, there’s family, there’s peace. I smiled, as tears of joy come down from my eyes. It was nice to see things working that way. Indeed, during Christmas, we remember “Immanuel”, which forever reminds us that “God is with us”.  It is so good to know that God is with us, at least, for a brief moment, we learn to love each other, we learn to forgive, and we learn to care.

This taho vendor endures the rain during Christmas eve just to deliver free taho to his loyal customers.

President Duterte with a young cancer patient during his gift giving in Davao city.

Christmas is one of the days in the year in which our faith in humanity was being restored. Numerous Christmas party celebrations, gift giving and charity events, bilateral ceasefires between armed groups, family reunions, and solemn family meals, Misa De Gallos, Christmas sales and giveaways, indeed, it is the best time to live! The whole world is in the state of happiness during Christmas. This makes me wonder, why can’t we be happy all the time? Why can’t the world make it peaceful all throughout the year? What’s with the Christmas that makes people united? Do people need something to celebrate to achieve peace and to foster happiness among them? Christmas tells us that humanity’s happiness is our choice. If we can only live everyday like its Christmas, the world would be a better place. There is hope for humanity, Christmas shows that to us.

Amidst our joy in this season, let us also take time to pray for those people who will spend their Christmas with a lonely heart. Let us pray for those innocent victims of the drug war, for those living in poverty, for those who can’t afford to have a decent Noche Buena, the bereaved families of war and calamity, for those who are sick, etc., That they may find comfort and joy despite all the hardships in life. Let us pray for the victims of Tsunami in Indonesia, for the soul of Congressman Batocabe, that may their families be able to find strength and courage amidst these trying times.

Just like in the lyrics of a traditional Filipino Christmas song that says “Kapag pag-ibig ang siyang naghari, araw-araw ay magiging pasko lagi”, may we learn to love every day. Let us show that there is still faith in humanity, that there is hope. It is not too late after all, may the spirit of Christmas be upon us always. Let us build a new world, a new society, the whole humanity restored. Merry Christmas everyone!


Blaise Henry E. Ilan

Camarines Norte News