As I browse today’s updates, I was surprised and overwhelmed to see viral posts and calls to preserve the so-called today’s Top 1# Gem of the Philippines, the Calaguas Island , a place of virgin beauty and serenity. It was even on the front page of national daily – the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

It was not long ago when we took the first initiative to create the “PRESERVE CALAGUAS MOVEMENT”.  Being aware of the promising potential of the island to be the hottest tourist destination, and that as early as today, numerous investors are eyeing of putting up beach resorts, we feared of another Boracay tragedy would be the end of our beloved island .

With this, we spearheaded the crusade to awaken our community of the possible destruction of our beloved Calaguas Island. We led the campaign and tapped the leaders of the Local Government Unit of Cam Norte, the Municipality of Vinzons, and the Barangay Councils of Calaguas Island.  We also included a signature campaign for concerned citizens and visitors who would like to join our cause.

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Now, upon learning the positive chain results of our action, I’m very grateful that the step that we took is being carried to a bigger height.  The seed is now growing and expanding its branches.  I felt an overwhelming emotion seeing a lot of concerned people joining our cause and realizing the need to safeguard the natural beauty of Calaguas Island.


With this I could say… We indeed created a big positive impact to our community.


Alain Karl Abaño

President – JCI Daet Kabihug


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