Mayor Tito S. Sarion of Daet told one of his guests that “When in Daet lose your diet”. It is a good play of words but we just found out recently that is definitely true. This is when we joined the “Date in Daet 2014″ last May 3 and 4. We found these five restaurants like jewels in the crown of Daet.

1.  KICK’S MILK TEA – I once read a blog of a British tourist that says one of her complaints about the Philippines is that very few establishments here serves good tea. Who would have thought that there is exactly what she’s looking for in Daet.

Kick Milk Tea is the first tea shop in Daet and in the province of Camarines Norte, serving delectable and healthy tea drinks, and snacks.


Their teas come in variety of flavors but what I found unique is their blending of Yakult drink in some of them. This I think will cater for tea lovers who missed drinking Yakult when they were kids. Of course we know that the health benefit of it, right?


I tried their cold Choco-caramel milk tea and for me it was one of the best I’ve tasted. I like the balance flavor of chocolate and caramel which is not too sweet or bitter either.

608-kick4 608-kick3

Aside from teas they also have sandwiches which are healthy and delicious. Their Tuna Sandwich is a must try. It has just the right kick of hotness to balance the fishy taste of tuna.


Aside from Tea, they also offer and delicious sandwiches, belgian waffle, pancakes, and pastries that are very affordable.

Kick Milk Tea is located at Vicente Basit St., Brgy. 8, Daet, Camarines Norte.

2. BIGG’S DINER This is the place to be if you want a satisfying semi-fine dining experience. It is one a few locally homegrown restaurants that Bicolanos are proud of. Since this is not a fast food you need to wait for some reasonable time because you’re your food is being cook as you order.


It’s definitely worth the wait because their food is at par if not better than famous international franchises like Kenny Roger’s or TGI Friday’s.  The catch – it is cheaper and reasonably priced.

The ambiance is retro inspired with a touch of local view as in the case of Daet branch they have pineapple and surf board added to their theme.  This will complete your SURF and DINE experience in Daet.


A must try when in BIGG’S Diner is their Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Cordon bleu. The steak is juicy and tender served with a delicious barbeque sauce.


Chicken Cordon bleu has a crispy golden brown crust and has tasty chicken breast with creamy cheese inside.


Their tower burger is also highly recommended. It takes a special skill to conquer it without getting messy. Can you guess how tall the tower burger is??


Bigg’s Diner Daet is located at SM Hypermart, Vinzons Avenue, Daet, Camarines Norte.

3.  KUNDALINI HEALTHY CUISINE – Who says that healthy foods are not satisfying? Well, this mini-restaurant just proved them wrong.


How can they make vegetable smoothie so good that you will never think that it has nutritious vegetables like malunggay and saluyot? It is definitely a trade secret. They have different fruits and vegetable shakes for health conscious individuals. Their green tea and Thai milk tea has just the right combination of herbs that you can drink it like bottomless ice tea.


They also have healthy versions of some Asian recipes like the Pad Thai, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Korean Jap Chae which is a must try.

608-kunda 608-kunda4

608-kunda2 608-kunda3

What is the good thing about this restaurant? They didn’t just make healthy food delicious but made them affordable too.


Kundalini Healthy Cuisine is strategically located in the heart of Daet at Gov. Panotes Avenue (before reaching Daet Elementary School).

4.  ALVINOS Roast Fry & Grill This homegrown restaurant which started as a small pizza stall along Bagasbas Beach, now evolved as a big restaurant in downtown Daet that caters not only to pizza lovers but to all foodies out there.


They are one of the best when it comes to roasted chicken. Alvinos Original Recipe for their roasted chicken started way back 1999.

You may be wondering what makes their chicken really tasty and delicious??  Well, a special sauce is injected in the meat and it is roasted in their brick-oven for about one and a half hour which definitely makes it cook inside-out.

If you got to taste their roasted chicken, you will definitely utter their famous tagline… ” Ang Patok na Manok!”


Even before the food chain named “Binalot” became famous, Alvinos already have its own Binalot included in their menu.  It’s a complete meal of rice, salted egg, and tomato paired with a wide-variety of viand to choose from (chicken pork adobo, pork sisig, beef tapa, roasted chicken, and many more).  This is one of their best sellers!!!

608-alvinos9 608-Binalot

They also have a wide selection of salads, pasta and burgers.

608-alvinos4 608-alvinos

608-alvinos3 608-alvinos2

A must try for me is still their thin crust pizza and beef burger.


Of course never finish your meal without trying their pineapple milk shake. It has just the right balance of sweetness, sourness and creaminess that you will never forget.


The newest inclusion in Alvinos Roast Grill and Fry is its Samalamig Corner where you can order a wide variety of fruit shakes, ice coolers, and their very own Pic-A-Fruit.

Complete your Daet Experience visit Alvinos Roast Grill and Fry located at Dasmariñas Street (beside JRS Express), Daet, Camarines Norte.

5.  CHEF MAMA If you are looking for a great fine dining experience, don’t worry because this restaurant got you covered. It has two branches. One is located in Pineapple Island Resort and they have one in the second floor of SM Hypermarket. It is a fine dining restaurant that serves local Bicol Cuisine.


(Photo credit to Official Facebook Page of Chef Mama)

Their Pinangat a dish made of ground shrimp and baby coconut wrapped in Taro leaves and cooked in thick coconut milk is a must try. Compared to the other version from Central Bicol region, this one is not spicy but it is served with chilis just in case you want it spicy. Bicolanos in Camarines Norte in general are not fond of spicy foods.


They also serve Kinunot, a Bicolano dish made up of either stingray or baby shark cooked in coconut milk with malunggay or moringa leaves and strips of chilis to add spice.


(Photo credit to Elal Lasola of www.elaljanelasola.com The Shades of Grey)

For standard classic cuisine, a must try for me is their Spare Ribs in Barbeque Sauce. I find it tender and tasty where the sauce just compliments the steak and doesn’t overpower it.


(Photo credit to Elal Lasola of www.elaljanelasola.com The Shades of Grey)

If in case you felt guilty because you overindulge in Daet and you want to bring some goodies to your friends, you can drop by at JANNAH’S Pasalubong. They have a wide selection of homemade Bicol delicacies that will make you remember Daet. Their Pili Roll will surely delight your friends and appreciate your generosity. I just can’t get enough of this yema tasting cake roll with ground Pili nuts.

Jannah’s Pasalubong is located at Ground Floor Dolor Hotel Building, Gov. Panotes Avenue, Daet, Camarines Norte.




 This tourism advocacy campaign is in line with the Provincial Tourism Program of the Provincial Government thru the Provincial Tourism Office headed by Atty. Debbee Francisco.

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