“With great power comes great responsibility” Said Uncle Ben to Peter Parker (Spiderman). I also felt that in myself. I believe that God has given me more abilities and better living conditions that somehow I need to help others.

When I was a kid, I always have this feeling that the world needs saving that is why I wanted to be a superhero. Like Spiderman, I wanted to fight the oppressors and defend the weak and the innocent.  Well, it is not that simple anymore. Even if I have superpowers, it will not be easy. Real life is more complicated than that.

The problem is as we grew up, the superhero inside of us started to melt. As our world expands we realize that we are not the only one with talents and gifts. The worst part is most of them are better than us. We can either be competitive or just accept the realization that we are not what we taught we are. We doubt that we have that power so why give a damn?

Why do we have this urge to be a superhero? Is it because of just our ego’s satisfaction? To show that we are powerful or it is really in our nature?

I stopped trying to save the world the moment I realize that we all have our roles to play. It is governed by destiny or something that is larger than us. We can call it God, or Divine Being.

We cannot all be politicians just like we cannot all be soldiers or renegades. Some of us have to become artists, musicians or writers. There is no guarantee that we can be who we want us to be but we can always try.

Just like superheroes, I bet that most of our politicians really wanted to help and save the world when they started. Somewhere along the way they got corrupted. They don’t even know themselves anymore. Why? I think it has something to do with how we treat them. We expected too much and we thought that they are really perfect and have superhuman abilities.

They are not allowed to make mistakes. When they did something good we don’t appreciate them but instead we want some more as if they can just wave a magic wand and anything we want will appear. It must be frustrating that no matter what they do it doesn’t seem to matter. They got tired. They stopped giving a damn about the people they serve and just enjoyed the power and influence of their position.

At the end of the day even if we thought we did something good we are not sure if that wl means anything when we are gone. We have to let go of our urge to control our world and the people around us.

Pleasing people is really frustrating because that is impossible. We were made not be contented. Most of the times we really try to help but it seem that some people are happy just the way they are. So I think that the world is ok as God intended it to be. We just have to play our roles as best as we can.

Do we really need superheroes?

When we are loyal to high ideals and not to person I think we don’t need superheroes because anybody can become one in his own way. Even superheroes are not perfect. They sometimes fall. It is up to us to still believe, step forward and rise to the occasion.