According to the World Health Organization, there were 37 million people who are living with HIV/AIDS at the end of year 2014. Meanwhile in the Philippines, there are 3,000 new recorded cases of the infection.

Even in the province of Camarines Norte, few recent deaths are reported related to HIV/AIDS. In this light, as youth advocates and with the celebration of the “World AIDS Day,” the Rotaract Club of Daet North firmly believes that this community should take part in eradicating this deadly infection.

This is why the club launched the “SPREAD THE LOVE, NOT THE VIRUS” awareness campaign last December 5 at the Little Theater, 2nd floor Agro sports center, Daet, Camarines Norte.

This aims to raise a wider awareness to our community people especially the youth to be more susceptible to this kind of disease. We are fortunate to be supported by the Provincial Government of Camarines Norte thru Vice Governor/Acting Governor Jonah G. Pimentel, the Provincial Youth Affairs Office  thru Mr. Mariano Palma, the Provincial Health office thru Mr. Maximo Edgardo Guanio, RMT, the Provincial STI-HI/AIDS Program coordinator and Rural Health Unit 1 of the Municipality of Daet headed by Dr. Noel P. De los Santos thru Ms. Ma. Andrea S. Apuya, RN, MAN-PHN, the Municipal STI-HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator. Mr Guanio and Ms. Apuya served as the key speakers of the seminar.

The launch was participated by more than 200 people coming from various organizations, colleges, government offices and business establishments. Before the seminar began, a video clip from an episode of MMK of ABS-CBN was shown. The episode tackled about the story of two people living with AIDS.


The program started through an Opening Remarks of the Club World Class President, Patrick Rommel M. Pajarin. This was followed by an “OVERVIEW TO HIV/AIDS” by the Project Chairman and Past President Ace John B. De los Santos. After which, Mr. Guanio and Ms. Apuya delivered their interesting topics respectively.  The talk gave emphasis to what is HIV, STI ad AIDS were all about. They let the participants understand why there’s a need to be educated about. The symptoms and mechanism of the body of an HIV positive patient have been discussed. How HIV spread? This is through contact with certain body fluids from a person infected with HIV (blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluids, rectal fluid, and breast milk).

The speakers tried to educate the audience as to how to take precautions against having any of the stated infection. A surpise song and dance number was given by the Host himself, Alvin Magana with Carlos William Maynes. An open forum was conducted afterwards. The program was ended through a tribute to our brothers and sister who perished due to HIV/AIDS. Candles were lit and prayers were offered.

This is just yet a beginning of the Rotaract Club of Daet North’s awareness campaign. SPREAD THE LOVE NOT THE VIRUS is going to perform other series of seminars to spread awareness and to educate more people within Camarines Norte.


Contributors: WCP Patrick Rommel M. Pajarin and PP Ace John B. De los Santos

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