In the medical field, the numbers 2020 were used by physicians to refer to our good vision, it signifies a healthy eye, to be used for seeing the world with beauty and clarity. Figuratively and spiritually, the term 2020 vision means seeing what lies ahead of us, using our spiritual lenses to develop a positive outlook in life. While we still have some hangovers in the previous year 2019, let me offer you some of my predictions for Camarines Norte in the year 2020. What to expect this year and what could be the possible effect of the year 2020 to our beloved province? I have compiled my top 5 things to expect and to look forward to this coming year 2020.

1. SM City Mall Grand Opening in Daet, Camarines Norte

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss the grand opening day of the biggest mall company in the Philippines! Over the years, SM had established itself as one of the leading companies in our country. The SM city mall Daet which was set to open in February this year will become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) malls in Bicol Region. The opening of the said mall will attract many new business franchises and investments in our province. New jobs will be created this year together with the additional boost in our tourism industry since the Department of Tourism is planning to promote “mall tourism” in the Philippines. SM had proven itself as one of the growth drivers in many cities and municipalities in the Philippines. Expect a busy and vibrant economy for Camarines Norte this year 2020!

2. Palarong Bicol 2020 in Camarines Norte

2020 is also a good year for many sports fans in Camarines Norte. After a decade, we will again host the annual Palarong Bicol to select the best of the best athletes in our region. The Palarong Bicol games is the biggest sports event in the whole Bicol region. Our hosting of the annual palaro will be a perfect avenue for our province to showcase how far have we got in terms of development and hosting special events in our region. The Palarong Bicol 2020 will surely give us quite a little boost to our tourism sector since we will accommodate a lot of delegates, athletes, families, sports and government officials and spectators in our province. Here’s the interesting part, we were hailed as the overall champion the last time we hosted the said games in 2010, so you better ready your cheers for Camarines Norte athletes this upcoming Palarong Bicol 2020 on February 28!

3. Centennial Anniversary of the province of Camarines Norte

This year, we will celebrate the 100th founding anniversary of our beloved province Camarines Norte. 100 years ago, the province of Camarines Norte was formally established after it was separated from the province of Camarines Sur on April 15, 1920. It is a time for Cam Norteños to reflect and reminisce about our history and the contributions of our province to the growth of our nation. It is also a good time to honor great men and women that contributed to the progress of our province. Expect a grandiose celebration of Bantayog Festival in a once in a lifetime event in the history of  Camarines Norte. I will not further share any details about the celebration of Bantayog Festival 2020 but I think this year’s celebration would be unique, grand, and exceptional!

4. University Of Camarines Norte

Hopes are high that Camarines Norte will have its first-ever university this year! After President Duterte’s approval of the University of Camarines Norte act that converts the CNSC into the University of Camarines Norte, this year can become one of the significant periods in the history of the said educational institution. The law was already signed, however, CNSC still needs to comply with the standards set by the Commission on Higher Education in order to become fully converted into university status. The previous year 2019 had set the foundation for the CNSC’s goal of becoming a university through the passing of the University of Camarines Norte Act together with securing its ISO accreditation. Who knows, 2020 could be the best year for CNSC!

5. Cityhood of Daet

This is my wildest prediction and hope for the year 2020. Would the cityhood of Daet be pushed this year? With the growing population in Daet, rapid economic and business growth, together with the ongoing general development of the said municipality, Daet is more than ready to become Camarines Norte’s first city. The cityhood of Daet will be a great benefit not just for the Daeteños but also for the whole province of Camarines Norte. More jobs and businesses/investments will emerge, larger yearly budget for government projects, as well as having the opportunity to become one of South Luzon’s economic hubs are the things that await Daet should it become a city this year 2020. I hope this would become one of the priority projects of our government officials in our province for the year 2020. Let us all aim for Daet city this year 2020!

Have I forgotten any other important events for this year 2020? Let us know through your comments by sharing with us your own 2020 vision for Camarines Norte. Overall, this is an exciting and interesting year for all of us. Who knows what the future brings? Happy New Year everyone!

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