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Can you hold on for one more day? This is what I always ask myself whenever I feel frustrated about life. It comes to us at some point, right? Most of the time we are wondering how it happened. What brought us to this mess?

If we reflect enough we can connect the dots and it will ultimately be traced back from the decisions that we have made. So we cannot blame anybody but ourselves. I mean really? When we decide something like getting married, do we immediately know what will happen? I believe in this case that there are no mistakes only consequences. Sometimes we think that we made a mistake only to find out later that it is the best thing that ever happened to us.

Like most self-help gurus, I strongly believe that our life is a product of our choices and not our family or environment. Everyday, we get to decide on a lot of things from simple to complex. Sometimes it becomes automatic to us or pre-programmed like we are in auto-pilot mode. Example is when we decide what flavor of ice-cream we like.

We can only experience life to the fullest if we try other things beyond our comfort zone. The combination of choices is unique for each individual. That is the reason why each of us is unique and should not be compared with others.

Making conscious choices is difficult. Our brain wants to make it easy and just create patterns and instant connections. This is the reason why we easily jump into conclusion or we wonder how come we make the same mistake. It is like we keep banging our head on the same wall.

Turning points in our lives like choosing a job or college course need more time to think about. It has to start from within if we want it to be real. It has lasting consequences so it is worth our thinking and reflection. We can choose to follow the law of success or disobey it but choice and consequences are package deal. We cannot expect apple if we plant potatoes. We reap what we sow.

If we start to live consciously we will realize that our power to choose is the best thing we ever had as free people. We have to use it well to maximize our happiness. If we consciously make our choices we can live beyond our basic instincts and not become like “walking dead”. We will not be influenced easily by the world around us.

We can always hope for a new beginning. We can start to make new choices. This time we need to be more informed and be ready to bear the consequences because have no choice but to bear them.

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