Salog Maisug River Resort, An Enchanting River By The Roadside – by Cres B. Adlawan

Salog Maisug River Resort, An Enchanting River By The Roadside – by Cres B. Adlawan

What if I tell you that there is a beautiful river just within your reach? It is literally just a few steps away from the road. You can enjoy diving and swimming right away. It is instagrammable and looks just like rivers in a fairy tale book; enchanting, mysterious and enticing. When you see its crystal clear water you will think that it came from a majestic falls inside a thick forest. Welcome to Salog Maisug River Resort. Your kind of river without the hassle of exhausting trek and long travel time. It is located along the road at Barangay Maisug, San Lorenzo, Camarines Norte. This is just after the famous Mampurog River. It is around one hour ride from Daet.

When we arrived there, it is almost lunch time. After taking pictures I was mesmerized of the place and immediately want to dip myself in the water. After lunch, I can’t help myself and finally swam in the river. The water was so refreshing and invigorating just like swimming in a waterfall.

The area is up for improvement but there are cottages that you can rent, as well as public comfort rooms. This is perfect for the whole family especially if you want to bring the kids and elderlies because it is easily accessible. There is a shallow part of the river for those who does not know to swim. The deep part of the river caters to the more adventurous. They can dive and swim to their hearts content.

There is a lush vegetation on the other side of the river that is perfect backdrop for pre-nuptial and photo shoots. The trees growing on this side resembles those from Jurassic Park. There are giant ferns and other unique upland trees. When I swam and floated on the water I could see the beautiful trees above me covering the sky. I felt like I was in a pre-historic era where the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Once you are swimming in this river it feels like you are inside a forest because the trees are like umbrellas protecting you from sunlight so you can swim even at noon where the sun is very hot and still enjoy it.

I must say that we just discovered another gem of tourism that has a great potential. It was hidden for some time because there is no road that lead to it. You need to trek and traverse the forest on the other side just to reach it. Now that it is very accessible what are you waiting for? Let’s go and swim in this enchanting river and wash away our pandemic blues.

Cres B. Adlawan

Provincial Tourism Operations Office

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